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Infrared Horsehead

The famous Horsehead nebula has a distinctively dark and dusty horse-shaped silhouette, but when viewed in infrared light, dust becomes transparent and the nebula appears as a wispy arc.

Pillars of Creation

By comparing the 1995 and 2014 pictures, astronomers also noticed a lengthening of a narrow jet-like feature that may have been ejected from a newly forming star. The jet looks like a stream of water from a garden hose. Over the intervening 19 years, this jet has stretched farther into space, across an additional 60 billion miles, at an estimated speed of about 450,000 miles per hour. #supernovaSaturday Source: Hubblesite.org

Cometary globule CG4

The exact nature of CG4 remains a mystery. VLT image of the cometary globule CG4, click for larger image.

Thor’s Helmet

This is a real thing. In space. Thor's Helmet, click for larger image.