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Blog-a-day Summary, May 2016

feature-img This was my own little experiment on how posting every (week)day for the month of May would go. I didn’t say anything about it before starting because I honestly didn’t know if I could keep up the pace. If you look back over May’s post, you might notice they’re all either technical with screenshots or photo-themed with multiple images, and all had featured images attached. Putting in the time to prepare each post took a significant chunk out of each day.

Just registered: fakeartschool.com

I recently started a series of posts jokingly titled “Fake Art School” where I look at historic art books and do drawing exercises found in them. The name was a joke that came out of nowhere. Imagine my surprise when I found out that fakeartschool.com was an available domain! So for $13 its mine for the next year at least. Right now the domain just redirects to my FAS page here on jennifermack.

Site Refresh

I’ve been mulling over making a few changes to the blog since Christmas. In the last few days I’ve got around to it. The biggest and most visible change is the new theme. I previewed the Twenty Sixteen theme a few times but didn’t install it. After digging into some of the customizations, I finally clicked apply. Overall, it’s a clean theme and I like how the sidebar looks. The mobile responsive view is espectially nice.

Site News: New Art Supplies Page

Just a quick update: I’ve added an art supplies page listing the stuff I use and like. Check it out!