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ISO 3200—Not So Bad After All

The one constant about indoor events is the poor lighting. It’s not usually bad lighting. The people that set up the stage want the event to look good. There’s usually plenty of light from the audience’s perspective. What the camera sees is a different story. When Hillary Clinton campaigned in Phoenix the event was held in a high school gym. I’ll wait while you finish shaking your head. So you can imagine the base lighting.

That feeling when you wake up as a photojournalist

So this thing happened, and now I’m off to cover the GOP candidates in Nevada. Go figure. About a month ago, a news wire service called Demotix was shuttered in a nobody saw that coming deal where Corbis Images was sold to a Chinese company. So what little work I had posted there is gone. It might pop back up at some point but other than the “we’re closed, see ya!

Infrared Horsehead

The famous Horsehead nebula has a distinctively dark and dusty horse-shaped silhouette, but when viewed in infrared light, dust becomes transparent and the nebula appears as a wispy arc.

Pillars of Creation

By comparing the 1995 and 2014 pictures, astronomers also noticed a lengthening of a narrow jet-like feature that may have been ejected from a newly forming star. The jet looks like a stream of water from a garden hose. Over the intervening 19 years, this jet has stretched farther into space, across an additional 60 billion miles, at an estimated speed of about 450,000 miles per hour. #supernovaSaturday Source: Hubblesite.org

Cometary globule CG4

The exact nature of CG4 remains a mystery. VLT image of the cometary globule CG4, click for larger image.

Foggy Arizona

Once upon a foggy morning. I’m not really sure what’s going on with the weather. This is odd.

Thor’s Helmet

This is a real thing. In space. Thor's Helmet, click for larger image.

The Wet Desert

Rain. Phoenix, AZ.