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What is the Dakota Access Pipeline?

While I’ve seen quite a bit of coverage of the Dakota Access pipeline project, none of the reports provided any specifics about the pipeline. So I decided to satisfy my curiosity with a little research. After sifting through the multitudes of non-substantive news articles and even more thinkpieces, I eventually landed on some primary materials. Along the way I also found out the alternatives that were considered and discarded. What became clear is that this pipeline and others like it are needed as long as crude oil production continues.

My Traveling Transmit Kit

A few weeks ago I ran across a huge structure fire. Traffic was backed up because it was near the intersection of two major roads. I parked about a half mile away and walked to a parking lot across from the fire. Only a few fire trucks were there, and the police hadn’t arrived yet to cordon off the area. My plan was to get some early shots and get out.

Shooting the News

Sometimes it’s a matter of seeing smoke and following it to the fire. [instagram url=https://www.instagram.com/p/BEkWsXzBZ61/ width=700] I was on my way home from the local World Wide Instameet that was at the ASU Art Museum. I saw the smoke in the distance and followed it the best I could. Once I got close, traffic was so bad I had to park and walk the last three-quarters of a mile to the fire.

Photo Updates, March 2016

The last few weeks have been busy. All but one of the presidential candidates came through town. I managed to get credentialed to them and got some decent shots. But first, here’s some fun stuff. The hoop dancers were part of the 27th Annual World Championship held at the Heard Museum. The Ostrich racing was part of the Chandler Ostrich Festival. These galleries are also on my photography page. Hoop dancers & Ostrich racing [gallery type=“rectangular” link=“none” ids=“1732,1733,1734,1735,1736,1737,1738,1739”]

My Guest Post on PetaPixel

I wrote about my experiences covering the GOP candidates in Nevada for PetaPixel. Overwhelmed and Undergeared: Two Days on the Campaign Trail in Nevada Trump, Carson, and Rubio (l. to r.). Give it a read, it’s a pretty good look at the utter insanity of what goes on behind-the-scenes during a campaign event.

The End of Protesting

Today protesters in Minneapolis shut down the airport and the largest mall in America. Of all the protests so far, I think these two events are the most high profile yet. I also don’t know if they are as effective as they were a year ago. City governments don’t seem to be any more responsive than they were before the protests started. In reading today’s news I had to wonder, will the protests ever get so big that the city decides clearing the streets is more important than not hurting people while they do so?

NFL and the Extra Point: will it stay?

The NFL owners spent an hour talking about extra points today. The current rules make the PAT boring. Most of the time the TV broadcast doesn’t even show it. The discussion was just that, talk. But there are plans for the Competition Committee to come back with a proposal for a May vote. The general consensus seems to be the extra point should be made into a football play. This will be interesting on how it shakes out for the kickers.