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Blurb Magazine Template for Manga Studio

One of the neat things about Magna Studio EX (Clip Paint Studio EX if you buy the downloadable version) is it’s book making abilities. It shouldn’t be a surprise since the whole app revolves around making comics and comic books. The panel-based nature of comics also makes for a pretty neat layout tool for image heavy books or magazines. In my case, it’s also a substitute for Adobe InDesign. For the occasional layout jobs I have, it’s not worth another subscription on top of Lightroom+Photoshop.

Copic-style Marker Brushes and Colors for Manga Studio 5/EX

I’ve recreated the various Copic marker colors and also made set of brushes that mimic the various marker tips and placed them for sale on Gumroad. Why Copic? Copic is known for a wide range of color markers, and it’s not a stretch to say they’re the gold standard of the industry. They’re also expensive. It’s also easy to rack up over $100 in markers. At the usual prices of $5-6 for each one (buying sets doesn’t provide much of a discount) the cost adds up quickly.

Setting Display Resolution in Manga Studio 5 for Retina Screens

One nice feature of Manga Studio 51 is being able to have your screen reflect actual real-world measurements. This is handy for checking margins and other things like output sizes. So let’s find out how. Note: If you like Manga Studio, you might also like my brushs and color palettes that bring Copic-style markers into your favorite drawing app. Find your screen specs For Apple laptops and displays, it’s on their support page.