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Defusing Weapons of Mass Distraction

Screens are designed to hold attention. More accurately, I’d have to say what’s shown on screens is engineered to hold attention. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a TV or phone. The irony is that these same screens don’t hold our attention in the same way when work needs to happen. Working from home adds another layer of distraction to the mix. But overall, I’ve managed to control physical interruptions much better than screen/internet based ones.

Lifehack: Automating Your Reading List

The secret to getting things done is to have them happen when you’re not thinking about them. Automation is the key to keeping bills paid, files backed up, and tweeting new blog posts. It’s also easy to automate your reading list and have the books ready for you, all for free. Your Local Library Amazon is on a never ending quest to be the one-stop shop for all things reading. Now it’s trying to replace the library with Kindle Unlimited.