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Defusing Weapons of Mass Distraction

Screens are designed to hold attention. More accurately, I’d have to say what’s shown on screens is engineered to hold attention. It doesn’t seem to matter if it’s a TV or phone. The irony is that these same screens don’t hold our attention in the same way when work needs to happen. Working from home adds another layer of distraction to the mix. But overall, I’ve managed to control physical interruptions much better than screen/internet based ones.

The End of the Cloud

This seems like a disturbing trend. This month (May 2016) two cloud backup services have gone away. Both Bitcasa and Copy sent emails saying that they’re shutting down their services. End of life emails. My guess is that not enough people signed up for their paid service, so they decided to get out of the non-business market. Overall they didn’t have that great of deals, so I never upgraded. Between my free 5GB on Dropbox and my upgraded iCloud storage (50GB at 99¢/mo.

2016: The Year to be Network Aware

I’m really starting to wonder about the wisdom of plugging everything into the internet. This also includes the need to create another online account to go with each device. So for 2016 I’ll be asking myself the following question before buying anything network enabled: Does the convenience of having this device connect via wifi, mobile data, or bluetooth outweigh its inherent lack of network security? I’m also going to guess that in most cases the answer will be “no.