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Book Launch: Stop Typing & Start Writing

Now you know the reason why I’ve been mostly radio silent for the last month or so. I’ve been working on this little thing called a book! Buy or read now on Amazon. Stop Typing & Start Writing: Analog Productivity for Digital Writers is my attempt to slow down our frantic online “content production” pace and bring a touch of civility back to the art of writing. When I first picked up a pen to write fiction it was because everything else wasn’t working.

Copic-style Marker Brushes and Colors for Manga Studio 5/EX

I’ve recreated the various Copic marker colors and also made set of brushes that mimic the various marker tips and placed them for sale on Gumroad. Why Copic? Copic is known for a wide range of color markers, and it’s not a stretch to say they’re the gold standard of the industry. They’re also expensive. It’s also easy to rack up over $100 in markers. At the usual prices of $5-6 for each one (buying sets doesn’t provide much of a discount) the cost adds up quickly.