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A worthless week

This has been one of those weeks where I’ve done lots of stuff. I’ve also failed to accomplish anything worthwhile. The highlight of the week was on Wednesday when the city decided to turn off the water to install new meters in the building. We got warning letters stuffed in the doorframe on Monday. So it wasn’t a surprise. I thought about toughing it out. But then I decided that having a working toilet for those six hours would be a good thing.

Screenshot Workflow with Hazel

Hazel is a all-purpose file moving tool for the Mac. It can move and rename files based on rules for a given folder. But it can do a lot more. This is how I use Hazel to manage my screenshot workflow. I don’t like a bunch of files littering the desktop. This action sweeps them up and renames and resizes them for me. Folder setup Mac OS X saves all new screenshots to the Desktop.