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The 10th day

On January 5th, John of Desk writing community started a 10 days to a better blog challenge. The steps were simple with a new writing exercise each day. Committing to the Writing Process Start with "Why" A Focus on Your Environment A Day of Rest & Reflection Discovering Your Natural Patterns Your About Page A Focus on Analytics So You Can Know and Understand Your Users Your Blogging Goals Just write.

Wordpress doesn’t like square brackets

Every blogging platform has “sharp corners.” The little edges that stick out and poke you every now and then. Sometimes the little things are the ones that catch you the most. Bump into the same sharp corner enough times, and it feels like it’s going to draw blood. Yesterday I wrote a post about how to use WordPress shortcodes. The writing part was easy enough. I documented how I built my review index page.

2015 Blogging goals

I have one goal for this blog in 2105: Poast moar! A post per day is unrealistic. I have other writing that takes priority. Since blogging doesn’t pay, it has to slip down a few rungs on the priority ladder. What would qualify as more posts? Looking back at my time in the blogging salt mine of 2104, I didn’t write much at all. I think I tried out more themes than I wrote posts.


Having a blog that’s more than a few posts might need some sort of organizing. I say “might” because it’s not really necessary to create categories and tags. It’s personal preference. All the blog platforms have some form of organization. Categories I see categories as a way of keeping different kinds of content away from each other. It’s like having a tour guide on my blog saying, “Look over here at this, but ignore that.

How I work - Environment

Todays 10 days to a better blog assignment is about the writing environment. I found this to be surprisingly on target. I’ve recently made sweeping changes in the how and where I work. The Old My desk was in the corner of my bedroom, with a window facing westward. I had it set up with a laptop stand, wireless keyboard, a decently wide monitor, USB hub, desk lamp, and a Wacom tablet.