Stop Typing & Start Writing

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  • Do you have tons of great ideas that die when you sit down to type?
  • Does it feel like your laptop is mocking your attempts to finish your book?
  • Did you know your digital text doesn’t have to start that way?

In this unorthodox ebook, author Jennifer Mack explains how to get back to the basics of writing by bypassing the thing that you didn’t even know was in your way: your keyboard!

When you put down the keyboard and pick up a pen, you’re taking the first step towards unlocking your natural creativity. You’ll find the words flow freely in way they never had before. The very nature of writing by hand forces you to keep moving forward. There’s no copy and paste or a delete key. To keep writing you have to keep writing.

If you’re the type of writer who can’t get past the text on the screen, this book is for you. In it, you’ll learn how handwriting can free you to write that first draft faster than you ever thought.

The problem with handwriting is that its main benefit is also why most authors don’t use it. Writing a book by hand is a lot of work. Having to re-write it by hand is enough to demoralize even the most staunch handwriting supporter.

That’s why this book is different. It includes a step-by-step guide that show you how to use the building blocks of manuscript production.

These building blocks will guide you towards a finished first draft that’s built on solid planning that minimizes re-writing and emphasizes speedy production.

So Stop Typing and Start Writing, you’ll get your book done faster.

Table of Contents:
1. Why Go Analog?
2. Process Overview
3. Planning Your Project
4. Organization
5. Manuscript Production
6. Editing The Manuscript
7. Going Digital
8. Protecting Your Paper
9. Pens & Pencils
10. Paper
11. The Traveling Writer
12. Links & Downloads
About the Author

You can buy a copy on Amazon, or read it for free using
your Kindle Unlimited subscription. Buy or read on Amazon.

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