About me

Hi there! If you found this page from my Instagram or Twitter profiles, I’ve put together some links to help you find whatever it was I was talking about.

Quick Links:

Otherwise feel free to browse. I write about a lot of topics ranging from art to programming to writing. If you find even a dollar’s worth of value here, please consider donating. Even a small donation will help keep this site running.

About Me

I’m Jennifer Mack, a freelance writer, editor, and illustrator based in Phoenix, AZ. That means I’m on Mountain Standard Time all year (GMT -7 and Daylight Savings time is not observed).

I share my house with a formerly feral kitten who’s now cat that thinks she’s people.

The Oxford comma is correct.

Contact Info

Email is the best way to reach me. I usually respond to business emails within a few hours unless I’m traveling, sleeping, or otherwise occupied.

My email address is: jenn [at] jennifermack [dot] net.

My social links and how I use them:

  • Twitter: mostly used for shares, retweets, and live updates. Other than email, it’s the best way to reach me.
  • Other Twitter: I tweet more on this account, but if you’d follow the first one I’d use it more!
  • Instagram: I’m usually good for 2-3 posts per day. Of the social media services, it’s currently my favorite.
  • Github: sometimes when I post code, it goes here. It’s the best way to reach me for code related stuff.
  • G+: Nope. I don’t even have a Google account.
  • Facebook: You’re kidding, right? I deleted my account years ago.