MVW Travels: Day 20, Barking Dogs

Dateline: Tbilisi, Georgia—19 Mar. 2017

My biggest accomplishment today was getting out of the house for food.

I woke up with swollen feet, and decided to stay off them as much as possible. I did venture out twice, both times to the market. Other than that, I stayed in and did language lessons and watched the Russian SciFi channel.

The rain cleared up, and it was a cool and sunny day. I felt bad for not doing much and wasting the day in bed. But I have to look out for my health. With my flight home coming up fast, I didn't want to make my feet any worse. I have no idea of how much airport walking I might have to do.

So that was my day. As uneventful as it was.

What's next?

Tomorrow I'm going to see about opening a Georgian bank account. The rest will depend on how well I can walk.

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