What did I just do?

It seems that my visit to the typewriter shop really did make me think about adding one to my workflow. I spent a few weeks stalking various auctions on eBay, and when I saw a vintage Olivetti Lettera 22 pop up, I decided to pounce. This is one of the best ones that I’ve seen. It’s condition can only be summed up as “hardly used.” One thing in the eBay pictures convinced me it was in superb shape was that it still had the original dust cover. The case has some wear, but no more than expected.

All covered up.

I expected it would need a new ribbon, and was able to find a cloth one on Amazon. I could’ve ran to the office store and bought a ribbon for a printing calculator, but the price was much higher and I doubt these old machines would like the nylon.

These are still made!

The best part was that I didn’t even have to clean it. What you see is how it was delivered. The only thing I’ve done was wipe the outside off with a damp cloth.

Enjoy the pictures!

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Oh, and this is why I can’t use my desk most nights.

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And finally, a type sample. It seems to be around 11 pitch, must be an Italian thing. I’m also still getting used to striking the keys evenly.