Book Launch: Stop Typing & Start Writing

Now you know the reason why I’ve been mostly radio silent for the last month or so. I’ve been working on this little thing called a book!

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Stop Typing & Start Writing: Analog Productivity for Digital Writers is my attempt to slow down our frantic online “content production” pace and bring a touch of civility back to the art of writing.

When I first picked up a pen to write fiction it was because everything else wasn’t working. I also learned my problem was with how I was using the computer. I wasn’t meant to be someone who could produce a first draft at the keyboard. That didn’t stop me from trying, but it did stop me from writing.

I soon learned handwriting was great, but it would lead to a lot of wasted time and paper if major revisions were needed.

So I set about designing a set of building blocks to plan my writing around.

These building blocks do exactly what they say. Each builds on the last, and along the way the details of the story are figured out. When it’s time to write the manuscript all of the heavy lifting is already done. Writing the manuscript is just another expansion of what’s been written before. This way, there’s no false starts or dead-ends to deal with, and the manuscript only has to be written once before it’s transcribed to digital text.

I also cover ways to protect your already-written pages, choosing pens and inks, and the best ways to wring the digital text out of your handwritten manuscript.

Even if you don’t want to handwrite a book, there’s a lot a digital writer will find useful. The planning process works equally well for both typing and writing.

Discovery writers will learn a new way to outline that looks and feels like discovery writing. Outliners will see that a little prose will go a long ways toward finding holes in their outline.

I hope you find it useful and buy a copy today!