Blog-a-day Summary, May 2016


This was my own little experiment on how posting every (week)day for the month of May would go. I didn’t say anything about it before starting because I honestly didn’t know if I could keep up the pace. If you look back over May’s post, you might notice they’re all either technical with screenshots or photo-themed with multiple images, and all had featured images attached. Putting in the time to prepare each post took a significant chunk out of each day. But I was happy to reach my word count goal for the month.

Words blogged in May.

It was originally 10K, but I bumped it up around the third week knowing that a few long posts were coming. So the main question was “could I increase my readership by regularly blogging for a month?”

I’m happy to say the answer is yes. I saw my daily traffic go up and the articles posted were getting read. For the last six months or so only a couple of older posts were getting traffic. With this blog-a-day I was able to move newer posts in front of new eyeballs.

Views and visitors increased from April. Yay!

May was the best month for the site this year for home-grown traffic. The spike in March was due to being linked to from a high-volume site. I was almost able to beat that with a month of regular posting. The most impressive increase was the big jump in feedback.

My blogging approach is a bit scattershot. The theme for this blog is “what does Jenn find interesting right now.” I don’t have the time or attention span to regularly post on the same topic for a specialty site. So I’m more likely to write about stuff I’m doing right now. This obviously doesn’t follow the best practices advice given to people that want to grow a following that they can then sell to advertisers. But since I’m not doing that, it works for me.

Basically, I’d like to attract a reader who values creativity in all forms. Whether they be writers, artists, photographers, or some combination of each. In a perfect world, that would lead to friendships, but I’m horrible about keeping interpersonal connections alive.

If you have been following along (thank you!) the topics I’ve blogged about do have some relationship to each other. The posts grew out of experimenting with various tools (software and hardware) that hopefully will turn into something cool.


Daily posting is not something I’ll be doing every month. Even with being able to schedule posts I’m not going to have the time. I’ve got plans for a longer project coming up and dropping another 13K worth of words here won’t be possible. (Yes, that does imply that I’ll be dropping them somewhere else. Fingers crossed!)

But since I’ve had such good results and positive feedback, I plan to still post regularly in June. Just not daily. I’m expecting 2-3 posts in a given week with a mix of short update-style posts and one or two longer ones for a deep-dive into something that interests me.

One thought I’ve had is to do a theme month, and actually stay on a topic for a bit. I’m not quite sure where to start on this one, so it might be something for the fall.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!