Election Season by the Passes

This is my Arizona election season summed up in press passes.

A collage of 2016 election season press passes.

Now that they’re scanned in and the paper is about to be thrown out this is the first time I’ve looked at them all together. I’ve also noticed a few things that I didn’t see before.

  • Ted Cruz didn’t even get his name on the pass. The Keep the Promise PAC took top billing.
  • Hillary Clinton only used her logo on both the pass for her event (March 21) and Bill Clinton’s event (March 20).
  • The Donald Trump passes were the only ones handed out with a neck lanyard. The rest used safety pins. The lanyard from Fountain Hills was better than one I had, so I used it as an upgrade.

Regardless of personal politics, covering these events offers quite a bit of insight that doesn’t come across in the news reports. But at the end of the day, it’s just another person giving a speech in bad light.