The End of the Cloud

This seems like a disturbing trend. This month (May 2016) two cloud backup services have gone away. Both Bitcasa and Copy sent emails saying that they’re shutting down their services.

End of life emails.

My guess is that not enough people signed up for their paid service, so they decided to get out of the non-business market. Overall they didn’t have that great of deals, so I never upgraded. Between my free 5GB on Dropbox and my upgraded iCloud storage (50GB at 99¢/mo.) I’m happy.

I don’t store a lot on cloud services. Now having two of them close down in the space of a month, I think that might be a wise plan. Dropbox wants $120/yr. for 1TB. I’ll just put that money into another external hard drive or two.

All this is another reminder that “cloud services” is just another way to say “someone else’s computer that you don’t control.”