ISO 3200—Not So Bad After All

The one constant about indoor events is the poor lighting. It’s not usually bad lighting. The people that set up the stage want the event to look good. There’s usually plenty of light from the audience’s perspective. What the camera sees is a different story.

When Hillary Clinton campaigned in Phoenix the event was held in a high school gym. I’ll wait while you finish shaking your head. So you can imagine the base lighting. Overhead lighting was the basic fluorescent tubes. The event lights were two towers holding a couple of lights each which faced the stage.

Since none of my lenses are stabilized, I also have to keep the shutter speed up to get sharp photos. Usually 1/320 is the minimum speed to keep the 70-200mm sharp. So between the low light and need for shutter speed, I was looking at ISO 3200 for decent exposure. Starting off I used ISO 1600, knowing that I’d have to bump up the exposure in Lightroom. About halfway through the event I figured I had enough safety shots. Then I decided to try out ISO 3200 to see if the images would be salvageable.

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Photo Updates, March 2016

The last few weeks have been busy. All but one of the presidential candidates came through town. I managed to get credentialed to them and got some decent shots.

But first, here’s some fun stuff. The hoop dancers were part of the 27th Annual World Championship held at the Heard Museum. The Ostrich racing was part of the Chandler Ostrich Festival.

These galleries are also on my photography page.

Hoop dancers & Ostrich racing

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Lightfast Test: Lukas Aquarelle 1862 after two months

I originally planned to do more frequent updates on this, but found that there wouldn’t be much to report. It’s been two months since I hung the test strip in a south-facing window. During that time we’ve had one of the hottest Februarys on record.

Test strip in window.

For a quick review, see the first article in this series.

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How did it get to be summer?

Out my front door this afternoon.

For some reason here in Arizona we’ve been having the strangest winter. Usually in February we can count on needing at least a light jacket. But I don’t think I’ve seen it hit 85F this soon.

So far March seems to be looking at more of the same. The National Weather Service says the earliest 100-degree day is March 26, 1988. We’ll see what happens this year.

Didn’t they used to have a name for this? I don’t think “climate change” quite covers the direction we’re going.