That feeling when you wake up as a photojournalist

So this thing happened, and now I’m off to cover the GOP candidates in Nevada. Go figure.

About a month ago, a news wire service called Demotix was shuttered in a nobody saw that coming deal where Corbis Images was sold to a Chinese company. So what little work I had posted there is gone. It might pop back up at some point but other than the “we’re closed, see ya!” email, no one’s heard anything.

The actual funny part was that the day Demotix closed was the day that I decided I should log in and check my account. I got redirect to Corbis, and the whole of the Demotix site was missing. Mad searching told me the backstory, but I really couldn’t manage more than a shrug. They had lousy customer service, and ever since Corbis bought them I got the feeling it was run as an afterthought. Usually the rats are the first to realize the ship is sinking.

So, all of that was motivation to find out what other agencies had similar news wires that I could shoot for. Which is easier said than done seeing how I didn’t have a portfolio. I had put the camera down as was giving my writing and art a chance to develop. But at heart I’ve always been a news shooter. That’s what got me into photography early on and sometimes I kick myself for not chasing it harder when I was a lot younger.

But I found Alamy. They have a news wire, and excellent customer service. They actually answer emails. They’re also based in England, so sometimes I have to wait out the time difference for a response. They’re also great about sending verification letters so that I can get press credentials.

Then I did a little horse trading with the local camera shop and upgraded my gear to be better suited for the job.

So in the last two weeks Alamy’s got me into two major events, and I’ve also covered multiple other local events. Which leads up to this week: I’m credentialed to cover both Trump and Rubio events in Las Vegas on Monday and Tuesday. (There was a Bush event in there too, but he quit.) I’m going to crash a Carson event because I haven’t heard back from his press people.

So I seem to be getting some traction going this direction so I’m going chase the light for a while. Hopefully I’ll get some behind-the-scenes stories out it to post here. It also keeps me out of the house and in the sunshine. I’m even losing a bit of weight because of the activity.

Keep an eye on my Instagram. The latest updates will wind up there, it’s just so convenient.