Fake Art School: 000 The Beginning

This is an experiment, something I’m calling Fake Art School. The name is to poke a little fun at how art education has gone from an apprenticeship to a pay-your-money-get-your-degree system. It’s also a way to organize a series of upcoming articles about going back to basics using old instruction books.

Use the Fake Art School page to quickly find all these articles.

Digging around in the Internet Archive, I ran across several books on pen and ink drawing:

The third book, Elements, seems to be a grouping of several related texts. It covers pen, brush, watercolors, and nature and life drawing. It’s also a hefty tome weighing in at 652 pages.

Book listing

So my plan is to work through these old books and write a series of articles along the way. I’ll be starting with Elements. To follow along, download your own copy using the links above.