Face down in a stack of note cards

Out of all the different forms of writing, the one that I’ve never explored was screenwriting. I’m not sure why. I think it has to do with it being a “foreign country” as compared to prose.

At first glance the format seems intimidating. The strange margins and overall unfamiliar use of capitalization and line breaks disoriented me. I first started deciphering this when I created “Fake Fountain” for Ulysses.

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Category feature for Ulysses-Post-to-WP

After a recent feature request I decided to look into adding category support for my Ulysses-Post-to-WP script. In the end it was actually easy. It involved changing one variable from post-tag to category. The hard part was finding out that was the needed change. The documentation isn’t very clear, and I had to pull a post out via XML-RPC to see the format. The testing and writing up the changes took more time than the actual change.

But now for people that prefer to use categories, it’s possible.

Automatic Ulysses Backups to Dropbox

There’s an old tech-support joke about important data.

Tech: Does this drive have important data on it?
Customer: Thanks for asking, it does indeed.
Tech: Good. I’ll erase it now.
Customer: Nooo! I’ll loose everything!
Tech: If it’s that important, you’ll have a backup.
Customer: What’s a backup?

In short, if it’s on a computer and it’s important, there should always be a backup.

We’ve gotten better about this. Dropbox was the first service to really break through the noise about backups. Since then a multiplicity of cloud-based backup services have sprung up. Now, cloud-syncing is an expected feature in a lot of apps. I’m glad about this. It’s an automatic layer of worry-proofing. But things can still go wrong.

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Posting Vacation

This has been one of those periods where I haven’t been focusing on the blog. I’ve set a goal for myself to have my Ruby book out by June 1st. Along the way, I’ve managed to start adapting a short story into a comic and also started the preliminary work on a novel. So I’ve been neglecting posting regularly.

But even with the other projects, there’s still some gaps in my schedule. There’s time for posting, I just have to make use of it. Part of doing this is getting a handle on what I want to post about. With my attention pulled away, finding topics is more important than ever. I also need to spend some time coming up with a list of topics I can have at hand when it’s time to write.

So I’ll be coming up with an editorial calendar over the rest of this week, and start back to posting regularly next week.