Fitness Update—Week 4

This is my weekly fitness updates. I’ll be posting one every Monday for the foreseeable future.

I update a shared iCloud spreadsheet every day. Follow along!

Weight & BMI

I gained 1.7 lbs., which I am not happy about. The activity is helping with overal body fat, but I’m not seeing the progress I want.

Today’s weight: 192.1 lbs. with a BMI of 28.4.

March 23191.8028.337.1%
March 30190.1-1.728.140.0%
April 6192.6+2.528.436.0%
April 13190.4-
April 20192.1+1.728.430.4%

Note: the fat mass reading is inconsistent. It’s just the way the scale works. I’m including for the sake of completeness.

Blood Pressure

This weeks reading: 11686 with a pulse of 64.

I remembered to take the reading before my coffee this week.

The eventual goal is my normal 11070. More exercise is needed.


This is a screenshot of my weekly report from the Jawbone weekly email report.

2015-04-20, 12:01:25

I hit my step goal every weekday. I literally laid around for the weekend. I’m having some tightness in my right calf, and wanted to rest. Also on Saturday I was stuck at the computer due to having to meet a deadline.


I tend to get a second wind around midnight and will dive into a project for a few hours. But for this coming week, my goal is to be in bed by midnight. On the plus side, I made my 7 hour sleep goal twice.

2015-04-20, 12:01:24


I’m getting more consistent about eating. But the snacks seem to have crept back in.


Meh, I’m really hating on my metabolism. I’m increasing my daily step goal to 7000. This week will be all treadmill, as I can maintain a steady pace, and get the workout in all at once.