Fitness Update—Week 3

This is my weekly fitness updates. I’ll be posting one every Monday for the foreseeable future.

I update a shared iCloud spreadsheet every day. Follow along!

Weight & BMI

Finally! The increased activity is showing results.

Today’s weight: 190.4 lbs. with a BMI of 28.1.

March 23191.8028.337.1%
March 30190.1-1.728.140.0%
April 6192.6+2.528.436.0%
April 13190.4-

Note: the fat mass reading is inconsistent. It’s just the way the scale works. I’m including for the sake of completeness.

Blood Pressure

This weeks reading: 12090 with a pulse of 85.

I took my BP after having a large coffe this morning. I need to remember to do it earlier.

The eventual goal is my normal 11070. More exercise is needed.


This is a screenshot of my weekly report from the Jawbone weekly email report.


I hit my step goal every day except Wednesday this past week. This is about what I planned. I knew it would a take a few week to get in the swing of walking everyday. This will work out when I raise the goal to 7,000 for the next four week block.

According to my spreadsheet I need to increase my daily step count to 6,649 to average 6,000 steps/day for this month. That’s looking to be within my range for this week.


I’m getting better about keeping a consistent bedtime. I also made my 7 hour sleep goal twice.



My meal times have been inconsistent. So that means some days I ate four times, other twice. I need to plan meals better.


I haven’t been measuring but some clothes are starting to fit better. This week went well, and getting the walking in is easier. Like everything, it takes practice.