Fitness Update—Week 2

This is my weekly fitness updates. I’ll be posting one every Monday for the foreseeable future.

I update a shared iCloud spreadsheet every day. Follow along!

Weight & BMI

The numbers say this week was a step backwards. I’m disagreeing because of the way I feel. I have more energy and have been sleeping better.

Today’s weight: 192.6 lbs. with a BMI of 28.4.

March 23191.8028.337.1%
March 30190.1-1.728.140.0%
April 6192.6+2.528.436.0%

Note: the fat mass reading is inconsistent. It’s just the way the scale works. I’m including for the sake of completeness.

Blood Pressure

This weeks reading: 11381 with a pulse of 80.

The systolic has come down. I attribute that to the walking I’ve done this week.

The eventual goal is my normal 11070. More exercise is needed.


This is a screenshot1 of my weekly report from the Jawbone UP app.

Week 2 step counts

I hit my step goal every weekday this past week. I slacked on the weekend to let my feet recover. I was doing most of the walking in sandals. Once the steps started adding up, the straps started to rub my instep the wrong way. I’m putting on running shoes now for my walks.

According to my spreadsheet I need to increase my goal to 7150 to average 6000 steps/day for this month. That means at least three walks per day.


I’m getting better about keeping a consistent bedtime. I also made my 7 hour sleep goal twice.

Week 2 sleep results


I’ve held the line on snacking. I’m still only eating at meal time.


I gained weight but my legs feel stronger. I think I’m building muscle while I’m losing fat. I noticed my waistline is shrinking, not a lot, but I can see a difference when I look down.

Time to walk!

  1. I used the iOS app Tailor to stitch together the screenshot on the phone. Then I cropped out the phone’s status bar once I transfered it to my Mac. Then a Hazel action uses ImageMagick to added the frame and watermark.