NFL and the Extra Point: will it stay?

The NFL owners spent an hour talking about extra points today. The current rules make the PAT boring. Most of the time the TV broadcast doesn’t even show it.

The discussion was just that, talk. But there are plans for the Competition Committee to come back with a proposal for a May vote. The general consensus seems to be the extra point should be made into a football play.

This will be interesting on how it shakes out for the kickers. I would suspect the punter and place kicker might be combined into a single role.

Among the variations discussed: » A team could go for two points from the 1 1/2-yard line or kick an extra point from the 15. » Eliminate the extra point altogether and just place the ball at the 2-yard line, making it a two-point play. » Narrow the goal posts. » A college-type rule where a defense could score a touchdown on a blocked kick or interception or fumble return on a two-point conversion. §.