Fitness Tools: Withings Wi-Fi Scale

I bought this scale at the beginning of 2013. At the time there was only this on and another by FitBit. Since then almost every connected-device fitness company came out with their own scale. I was swayed toward the Withings because it connected to almost everything. They didn’t make a fitness tracker then. So they were open to every app I used. This is still true. I don’t even need the Withings app installed for my weight data to be sent to the apps that I do use.1

Withings Wi-Fi Smart Body Scale

This particular model has been discontinued. The newer ones have more features of course. But I’ll be keeping this one until it dies. Everything I need, it does. It’s also good on batteries. I use rechargeable batteries in it and get over six months on a charge.

The main reason I splashed out for a connected scale was for the convenience. I like having the data sent to the apps I use. With regular wieght updates the apps can keep my calorie burn current.

Now that I’m keeping a personal fitness log in spreadsheet. I could use any scale. Being able to pull up the data from my phone saves me from two pitfalls. I don’t need my glasses in the morning to see the scale readout. I also don’t have to write down the numbers before I forget them.2

These might not seem like much, but it has been huge timesaver. It’s like a having transcriptionist in my bathroom—but less creepy. Having the data saved automatically means I can update my spreadsheet when I have time.

The extra data (fat/lean mass, BMI) is helpful. I’m tracking fat and BMI on the spreadsheet. I know that the fat mass calculation isn’t the most accurate. But I’m more interested in the trend than the actual numbers.

For the $100 I spent, along with the over two years of use I’ve gotten out of it, it’s been a worthwhile purchase. When it breaks I’ll be buying it’s newer replacement model.

  1. One exception is Apple Health. If doens’t pull the data from the Internet. It uses the app.
  2. Seriously, who keeps pen and paper in the bathroom? If I did, then I’d have to bring it out, then put it back. Which means I’d never have either in the bathroom.