New Toy to Hack

It’s not here yet, but I think this might be a fun project. I just ordered a PogoPlug V4 for $19. These are now discontinued.1 The company has given up on the hardware and moved to a cloud-based product. It looks like it might be a Dropbox-wannabe. I’m not sure. I also don’t care, because I’m going to set it up to run Linux and have a nice little home server.

PogoPlug V4, front.

Its main job will be as a NAS server, with Time Machine backup ability. I’ve also got a wifi adapter coming for it. If it can handle the load it’s going to be a wifi access point with ad blocking. This way the phones in the house that can’t run AdBlock Plus will get the benefit.

PogoPlug V4, rear.

I originally planned to get a Raspberry Pi now that the version 2 is out. The popularity of this new upgraded model makes them hard to find. Anyone that has them is stock is also charging a premium over the $35 list price. It’s also a bare board. So I’d have to figure in the price of a case for it. Plus, it’s just a bit too “fun” for what I want. The accessible GPIO pins just cry out to be hooked up to stuff. I’m plan to configure the Pogo and leave it alone. I don’t want to be tempted to hook it up to my coffee maker. It just needs to be invisible.

I’ll be doing a series of posts as I get things working. This looks to be fun.

  1. They’re being sold by a liquidator. Not sure how long they’ll last.