Thinking about a book…

Lately, I’ve been dabbling in ruby programming. I’ve mentioned it a few times recently. I’ve also been thinking that what I’m doing would make for a decent beginners book. I’ve seen a few of the ones out there. The projects are much more involved and tend to focus on web applications. This would be more of a beginner-to-beginner style project.

I’m thinking there might be a place for a smaller, focused book. One that follows a project from beginning to end. Along the way it could touch the incidentals like git, text editors, the basic ruby gems, and such. The result would be a small app that interacted with a web service.

The ideal reader would be someone that wants to learn programming, but doesn’t want a technical manual.

I haven’t really seen anything like this. I might just have to pursue this.

3 thoughts on “Thinking about a book…

  1. I like the approach of this. But what would be a non-web application that you could use as a project to follow through with? it seems like nowadays it is easier to use the web as an interface because it is so common place as opposed to the command prompt. I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

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