Super Sunday

I’ve never had much in the way of traditions with sports. Having Super Bowl XLIX as a home town game hasn’t really changed this. I’ve avoided going downtown to the festivities. The whole affair seems too managed. It’s also crowded and can get expensive. Anytime the tourists come to town, prices go up.

I’m watching the game at home this year. I didn’t make any plans to go to a party or out to a bar. Part of the reason is I don’t have strong interest in the teams playing. It might get turned off if it looks like a blow-out. I don’t care about the ads either. They can be funny, but overall it’s still an ad. The best ones will get shared on Twitter, and I might take a look at them later.

I’d like to see New England win just because it would mean that Seattle loses. I can’t bring myself to cheer for any team in the NFC West that’s not the Cardinals. Injuries kept the Cards from going deeper into the playoffs, and I hope next year the team will be healthier.

Most importantly, once the Super Bowl is over I can get on to what’s really important: Spring Training.

The Cactus League gets started in just over a month. The Diamondbacks have a new front office now that Tony LaRussa is in charge. I hope this season is better than the last. If the Snakes can start winning, maybe their division won’t be the National League Worst this year.