The 10th day

On January 5th, John of Desk writing community started a 10 days to a better blog challenge. The steps were simple with a new writing exercise each day.

  1. Committing to the Writing Process
  2. Start with "Why"
  3. A Focus on Your Environment
  4. A Day of Rest & Reflection
  5. Discovering Your Natural Patterns
  6. Your About Page
  7. A Focus on Analytics So You Can Know and Understand Your Users
  8. Your Blogging Goals
  9. Just write.
  10. Reflection and a bit of Introspection

Like any program or class, you only get out what you put in. I committed to following the steps, and seeing what happened. So, I wrote my daily posts.

Along the way, I was finding my blogging voice. Which is different from how I otherwise write. Writing for publication demands a voice consistent with the needs of that outlet. One that resonates with that audience.

Here, on this blog—in these posts, I’m writing for me. My name is “on the door.” The writing here is where I write in a way that expresses me. With time and luck, I’ll build an audience that shares my sense of life. Ones that won’t mind when I share a bit of obsure code right after a thoughtful post.

Thanks to John for dragging the jumper cables over and helping me get this blog started. Here’s to a long string of heartfelt posts.

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