Why I write

I’m beginning to define and explore the difficult question of why I write and why I want to become a better writer. Here are some of my initial and incomplete thoughts:

  • Because stories; my head explodes with them. I want to tell them, and writing is the only way to share them. Even if I were to podcast or do readings, it all starts with a script. Now is the time for writing.
  • I summarize, I need to elaborate. This is my biggest complaint about my writing. I’ll summarize to the point of incoherency, then beat myself up for leaving the reader dig out the imagery. Increasing my word count for my stories is the first step. I’ve also realized my summaries are outline points, not the work itself.
  • I admire authors who can create vivid imagery, and want my stories to stir strong emotions. Words. They should flow like lava, forceful, determined, and not stopping until done. For fiction and non-fiction, imagery matters. I need to be better at it.